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Who is Hasan Yokarlı?

What is the legal entity of Yokarlılar Emlak Danışmanlık (Yokarlılar Real Estate and Consultancy)? What is its agenda today and what will it be tomorrow?

Hasan Yokarlı who was born in Geriş, an old sponger village in Yalikavak district of Bodrum, in 12th December 1970 is married with three children. He completed his primary and secondary education in his region and started his working life with sponge fishing which wast the most challenging struggle for life at those times.

After 2 years of sponge fishing, he did not sever his ties with sea but continued his life in another branch of marine instead and worked as cabin boy at blue cruise boats and sails. He gradually got promoted as sailor, captain of harbour and coastal captain respectively in the following years and put his name among the most important captains of Bodrum and finally reached up to the step of restricted master limited to close-range.

Mr. Hasan Yokarlı, who has got adapted to newly improving vision of Bodrum, is also the founder of “Yokarlılar Emlak Danışmanlık” (Yokarlılar Real Estate and Consultancy) company.

“Yokarlılar Emlak Danışmanlık” (Yokarlılar Real Estate and Consultancy) has been the solution partner for the dignified business men and legal entities within the region in terms of real estate consultancy.

“Yokarlılar Emlak Danışmanlık” (Yokarlılar Real Estate and Consultancy) that gets its strength via the trust and honesty it has presented to its valuable customers, has improved its success level in a short time within and around Bodrum and obtained powerful references, thus reached up to the level it has deserved. And it has been able to survive and also improve even during various national and global bottleneck periods in the past 20 years.

Mr. Hasan Yokarlı, the owner of the company mentioned above, is also

The Member of Bodrum Mariners Association,
The Member of Bodrum Tradesmen and Artisans Association,
The Member of Yalıkavak Municipality’s Sport Management Board,
The Member of 8th Financial Group Committee of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce,

and finally

The Founder Member of Association for Nature and Environment Protection of Bodrum Peninsula.

Hasan Yokarlı, proud of providing you, the valuable customers, with service by its professional staff in Yalikavak-Bodrum, and his team have come to these days thanks to your support during years.

Hasan Yokarlı, who intends to go forward gradually day by day and to continue his works with his team for this purpose, has acquired the vision to be worthy of you, the valuable customers.

Hasan Yokarlı owes you a debt of gratitude.

We kindly request for our gratitudes to be accepted.

Kind Regards,
Hasan Yokarlı and his team…

Hasan Yokarlı